ALSI offers the most versatile range of liquid filtration equipment available, with innovative designs and constructions to suit any materials and processes. Our teams design and build each filtration system around the goals of the process, creating a solutions-oriented approach that is specific to your needs. We analyze the filtration needs, contaminants, and construction required to give you a system that fits seamlessly with your existing equipment, while providing low-cost, low-risk, high-quality filtration solutions. From paint sludge dewatering and solids separation to cooling tower filtration, water treatment systems, oil/water separators and many more, we utilize diverse construction, techniques and materials to implement the optimal design for your needs. Our design process guarantees the right filtration solution for your application.

Highly Functional

  • Higher liquid purity and solids dryness
  • Energy conservation through specialized filtration
  • Largest selection of filtration types available
  • New or retro-fit capabilities
  • Complete systems integration
  • Efficiency through automation
  • Complete custom design support

Innovative Techniques

Diverse Capabilities

  • Paint sludge removal and dewatering
  • Cooling tower filtration
  • Water treatment systems
  • Oil/water separators
  • Non-chemical water treatment