Water Purification

ALSI builds and installs a full complement of water treatment systems for all markets. Systems range in size from 0.25 GPM on up. Offerings include packaged off-the-shelf designs with highly integrated complex controls systems. ALSI provides 2D and 3D AUTO CAD engineered systems tailored to the specific application.

ALSI is recognized as a reliable single source for equipment supply to turnkey projects in North America and abroad.

Water Softeners

Effective filtration technique using Ion exchange resin to exchange Hardness causing salts present in water (mainly Magnesium and Calcium) to reduce scaling impact on internal piping, heat exchangers, process equipment. These resins are periodically regenerated with salt to maintain resin’s softening capacity.

Multi Media Filters

A multilayer media filter design to reduce suspended solids present in water. This uses successive layers of smaller filter media to achieve excellent filtration mainly consisting of Anthracite, sand, and granite. A periodic backwash is necessary to maintain filter bed.

Granulated Carbon Filters

Granulated Activated Carbon filtration is used mainly to reduce Chlorine, organics, odor, taste from water supplies. A periodic backwash is necessary to maintain filter bed.

Reverse Osmosis

Coupled with softeners, multi-media and carbon filters ALSI has been installing RO systems for greenfield or site upgrades in North America and Asia for over twenty years. Each application is carefully evaluated before offering presentment thereby ensuring 100% client satisfaction. Whether the projects are small lab water units to large power plants or bottled water operations ALSI’s approach is standardized.

ALSI takes great care in educating our client’s to aid in the decision process for the long run. Our method to ensure the end user is happy for the life of the equipment begins at the inception of a project. From the initial inquiry, ALSI will carefully evaluate the application and design a system for the most reliable operation with the greatest ease of maintainability.

ALSI offers specific performance guarantees on nearly every project. Including single pass, double pass or mobile RO trailers the ALSI water treatment packages have a solid reputation for consistently delivering high purity water at the most efficient levels in the industry.

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Deionized Water

While the industry has radically moved away from conventional deionization technology from the 1940s, many applications still warrant this methodology. ALSI offers fiberglass tank technology with diaphragm style valves to customized skid mounted ASME steel tank systems with sophisticated chemical pre/post treatment and regeneration feed systems, no project is too small or too large.

Storage Tank Systems with Sterilization

The ALSI water delivery is as important to the process as any other component in the system. Because these systems operate in a 24/7 environment, ALSI takes great care in engineering out the potential failure modes. We have taken the concept of continuous improvement to the next level by integrating the best available UV sterilizer into our storage tank pumping systems. This concept is saving energy while reducing bacteria colony probabilities in the most compact footprint in the industry at the lowest cost of operation.