Our customers thoughts on our solutions for reverse osmosis systems, paint finishing and pretreatment filtration, paint sludge removal, compressed air drying, CO2 cleaning systems, air systems, and paint booth services.

Toyota Motor North America

“ALSI Service is excellent, they are very responsive to requests and to changes. Equipment from ALSI has always been on time, and the engineers are well prepared when they come to site.

The preparation and knowledge that ALSI brings to commissioning is valuable. ALSI is capable of turn-key delivery of sludge removal systems from design to commissioning.”

Christopher Samuels, Project Engineer/Manager

Innovative Finishing Solutions LLC

“Innovative Finishing Solutions is a system integrator of custom capital equipment throughout North America for the coating industry. ALSI is our preferred vendor for highly specialized process separation and collection equipment that works exceptionally well with our process equipment. Over many projects, IFS has developed strong working relationship with ALSI as a valued partner. This allows us to offer its product as an enhancement to our customers’ systems as a seamless option. IFS designs and builds custom solutions specific to each of our customers’ process. ALSI has played an important role in providing process solutions for collection and separation systems designed to work with a custom process. They think outside the box and are always willing to perfect a process, while offering options within the budgets and timelines required.

When you work with ALSI, you can expect the highest level of respect for the customer, superior engineering, fabrication, installation, service and support, combined with an innovative solution for their specific application. They are able to do all this within an affordable commercial level, usually with a short payback realization. The ALSI product is always of the highest quality and will last for years delivering the same level of performance as it did the first year of operation.

The ALSI team provides great communications throughout the project process and any follow-ups post completion. They are a highly knowledgeable support staff of service engineers, system integrators, and installers. The ALSI Spare Parts Program has been a great value to us as well.”

Gary Hammerling, President

Polaris Industries

“We originally worked with ALSI to develop a bag press to help us improve the drying of our Paint Sludge, but we choose to do their CheckMark® instead. They modified the CheckMark® to fit into our space and work with our system that was already in operation. They came onsite to train all our employees and maintenance staff. They were also a huge help for us when they re-purposed our Palin® Bag Drying Racks to a different company and were willing to reimburse us for our unused bags. During the project, the ALSI team was very accommodating with restrictions of our facility and were always willing to help and find new ideas to issues to accommodate certain situations. They know Paint Sludge and are always looking and working on new ways to improve drying.

ALSI has a great team that is willing to help and do whatever it takes to make you happy and ensure that you get what you want. They truly have GREAT Customer Service! For example: Their team worked over the holiday break to be certain we could have the Checkmark® operational by our deadline – that’s dedication to making the customer happy! Our representative is not just a representative – he truly is a great guy and a good friend! ALSI is a company that I respect and will continue to work with on any projects that I can.

They are always very friendly, open minded, and knowledgeable about Paint Sludge and system processes for removal. ALSI was just as excited to see our Paint Sludge results as we were. They followed up on our satisfactions with the product – truly a company that understands that the customer’s happiness is number one.”

Tanya Chapin, Liquid Paint Process Technician

SRG Global

“ALSI brings a knowledge and understanding of paint systems and knowing what being the best looks like to the project. When you work with them, they provide thorough investigation, solid engineering and manufacturing capabilities and above all, honesty.

Their team is committed to delivering the project on time and with very good workmanship. If something could not be accomplished, it was communicated from the beginning with no false promises made. ALSI wanted to be certain the equipment quoted and installed was what was needed to accomplish the job and nothing more – I appreciated that there was no over sell.

The end result was that the equipment was fabricated and able to be installed on a very tight time frame. It started up as promised and continues to run without issues while achieving great results.”

Joseph Hoban, Corporate Paint Manager

Honda of Indiana

“ALSI installed two multi-cyclone systems in our department. The cyclones were able to catch the unstable rate of contamination brought into the tanks. This reduced the amount of dirt found at the next process, as well as stabilizing the amount of rejects. ALSI did an outstanding job of layout and engineering of the systems that were installed. During this phase access and serviceability were considered and interferences were discussed and eliminated. ALSI was challenged with a very demanding time line and came through with equipment that performed as designed.

ALSI desires to deliver equipment that performs to its optimum level. They will work to resolve any problems in performance no matter how small. Because of their equipment’s reliability, ease of maintenance, and customer service, ALSI equipment and services should be considered as a system solution for you plant.”

Dean Parish, Engineering Team Manager

Toyota Kentucky

“We did not have to worry about the engineering, design and project coordination. ALSI offered technical expertise and first-rate engineering, quality equipment, diligent cost control, extremely competent and honest personnel.

Throughout the project they were very transparent, knowledgeable and straightforward. ALSI worked with us to minimize cost while maximizing the performance of the equipment. The equipment was installed on time, started up without any issues and is performing as expected.”

Roger Thomas, Project Engineer

Superior Industries de Mexico

“Through effective analysis ALSI found the best solution in the paint separation market to design a new system specifically adapted to our necessities. Some of the best features of ALSI are the effort for teamwork (supplier – customer) to achieve the best results in the implementation of the new systems and the communication and responsibility in delivery times. In ALSI you will find the solution and support to implement the best paint separation system and air flow in the paint application booths.”

Armando Regalado, Industrial Engineer


“Working with ALSI has been an effortless process; from the design stage to installation of the 150 GPM RO system was painless. There were some obstacles during startup with 3rd party part failure, but ALSI didn’t hesitate for one moment to take charge of the situation and make everything right. And upon completion of the RO project they remained in close contact with us during our growing pains of the retraining our staff to the new process.

About 16 months after project completion our municipality made a major change to our feed water. Within a matter of about 3 months we went from a system that required about 5 minutes per shift operator attention to 30 hour of maintenance every 4th weekend. This by no means had anything to do with the design of the equipment. ALSI stood by our side throughout the challenge even though it had nothing to do with their equipment or design. If you choose to work with ALSI you can expect nothing but the best equipment from the best people.”

Paul Charbonneau

Horiba Instruments Inc.

“ALSI offered a single point of contact from start to finish through a representative that took personal ownership of the order and the project. The project involved procuring and commissioning a replacement road speed modulated fan for my customer. My ALSI representative made every effort and stayed flexible to accommodate my customer’s schedule and needs. The ALSI project representative delivered excellent service and communication all the way through project commissioning.

Tim Duniec, Project Manager

Abednego Environmental Services, LLC

“ALSI has been influential in the success of several projects we have implemented over the last several years. We rely on ALSI as a trusted partner, that always brings a creative solution, thoroughly thought-out and engineered, to any project or process issue we face.

“Recently, we were faced with the challenge of converting from a sinking style paint sludge system to a floating detack system without a stop in production or system downtime. With some creativity from ASLI and Abednego, ALSI was able to develop, engineer and build a “custom” Palin Sludge Consolidator and Collection System that allowed us to be successful in this project and meet the customer’s performance expectations. I believe our relationship with ALSI could be summed up very simply in one word… RESULTS!

Paul Sikora, Vice President Sales & Engineering