The AutoWeir is designed to maximize floating solids concentration pick up in a tank or pit for supply to a Palin® sludge consolidation system. The principle design innovation is that it operates based on consolidator supply pump suction rate, as well as the liquid level in the tank/pit. As the liquid inside the AutoWeir is drawn down, the float lowers, allowing skimming of the tank/pit surface. Variations in the operating level of the tank/pit result in an automatic adjustment of the AutoWeir’s skimming level.

AutoWeir Features

  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Adjustable Models ± 18 inches
  • Fixed Position ± Four Inches
  • Custom Designs Available
  • Top, Bottom, and Side Suction
  • Connections Optional

AutoWeirs are the most efficient way to pull floating solids from a system.

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Floating AutoWeir (Patented)

The floating AutoWeir is an ALSI patented design to skim floating material in a recirculation tank/pit. It is placed on the top of the liquid in the tank/pit and removes paint sludge from the surface and operates based on the supply pump volume as well as the level of the liquid in the tank/pit.

High volume standard model example.
Low volume standard model 3D rendering

The floating AutoWeir maintains the optimum skimming efficiency as operating levels change. It is equipped with several features that enhance the ability to remove contaminants without becoming clogged.


  • Air operated grinder breaks up larger solids in the weir box.
  • Air sparge to assist migration of floating solids inward.
  • Low volume standard model: 15 – 20 GPM.
  • High volume standard model: 250 – 300 GPM.
  • Stainless steel construction.
  • Vacuum hose.

Click here for literature for the Floating AutoWeir

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