The ALSI Road Speed Modulated Fan Cart is made to test, simulate and satisfy parameters that you designate. With customized construction, speeds, airflow, sizes and other features, ALSI designs the modulated fan cart that fulfills your performance metrics and meets the needs of your facility. The fan cart is easy to move and relocate where needed, while a stationary fan may also be used for testing booths and emissions systems. Each fan is designed to meet all emissions test requirements and provides easy-to-use versatility on the job. For automated processes, the modulated fan cart will automatically adjust to height, speed and airflow requirements, while others can be manually adjusted as they are moved between processes. With variable speeds up to 100 mph and a wide range of customizable features, the modulated fan cart can be adapted to suit nearly any testing requirements of any product.

Variable Design

  • Standard FTP, US-06, SC03 or custom discharge sizes
  • Dyno to fan speed calibration
  • Sized according to your power needs and situational constraints

Added Convenience

  • Manual or motorized portable carts
  • Automatic height adjustment
  • On-site airflow verification

High Performance

  • Variable speed up to 100 mph
  • Built, designed and tested according to your requirements
  • On-site calibration matches dyno speed to fan discharge  

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