ALSI Reverse Osmosis Systems are custom-engineered to fulfill the needs of your processes and provide the water quality you need. Our design and manufacturing teams design complete water treatment systems for a wide variety of applications that minimize operating costs and maximize system performance.

Our RO systems fill an integral role in pure and ultra-pure water applications

  • Metal pre-treatment systems
  • Boilers
  • Humidifiers
  • Recycled wastewater
  • Lab water

We work with you to select the best combination of equipment to meet your requirements for water quality. ALSI provides the best custom designed solution with second to none in after the sale support.

System design begins with a analysis of your raw water source to determine the contaminants present and optimal system design. Energy costs are balanced with overall system performance. Our designs always consider initial, installation and operating costs. Water quality is never compromised in our design. Uncompromised water quality, user friendly operation and completely satisfied customer are the end result of our unique design process.

Exceptional Design and Application Assistance

  • Raw water quality analysis
  • Design and selection process
  • Process application assistance

Complete Equipment Design and Selection

  • Multi-media filters 
  • Carbon filters 
  • Softeners 
  • Pretreatment chemicals
  • Single pass/double pass RO
  • Clean In Place (CIP) 
  • Ultra-violet (UV) 
  • Pump skids 

Exceptional Customer Service 

  • Maintenance contracts 
  • Job specific installation drawings
  • Replacement membranes and cartridges for any RO system 

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