The Palin® Paint Sludge Consolidator System offers cost-effective, automated and continuous paint sludge collection, consolidation, and removal. The system reduces disposal costs and minimizes booth downtime for cleaning. Equipment designs are compatible with all suspension/flotation chemical programs.

  • Reduces operating costs of many chemistry programs.
  • Reduces downtime due to system interruptions.
  • Increased efficiency over centrifuge removal equipment.
  • Low utility consumption.
  • Custom sizes available to meet most footprint requirements.
  • Can be used on individual booths or central sludge systems.
  • Optional MASCon®* System introduces micro aeration to improve floatation of paint solids.

Palin® consolidators achieve high liquid/solid separation efficiency with minimal upkeep and maintenance. Simple by design, the Palin® Paint Sludge Consolidator provides reliable, process liquid clean-up for suspended solid separation applications.

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