Separate Poultry Protein/Fat from Rinse Water!

A system (patent applied for) for recovery of sale-able animal byproducts while providing water reuse from a poultry processing plant waste stream.

Utilizing centrifugal separation with no moving parts the system physically separates dissolved animal byproducts from the filtered mixture. The byproducts can be collected and pasteurized in a manner suitable for human consumption as a protein additive. The filtered water can be reused in the animal processing plant for wash down function thereby dramatically reducing freshwater consumption.

Additional Benefits:

  • Reduced process loading on the waste treatment plant
  • Reduced cleaning and maintenance
  • Increased up-time
  • Decreased potential for development of unfavorable bacteria and pathogenic agents

Principle of Operation

  • Hydrocyclone technology mechanically divides a homogenous stream into fractions by density.
  • Liquids and particles with SG < 1.0 report to CONCENTRATE OVERFLOW for removal (includes protein and fats).
  • Liquids and particles with SG ≥ 1.0 report to RETURN UNDERFLOW (cleaned water) .
  • The fraction reporting to each outlet can be varied by design but is essentially fixed in operation. .

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