Processing Plant >Water Re-use Filtration, Reduce Water Consumption!

ALSI Technology
Liquid/Liquid Separator (LLS):

  • Hydrocyclone technology.
  • Continuous separation of protein/fat.
  • Patent applied for.

Proven Test Results

  • LLS effectively separated protein/fat in a production wash down environment.
  • Modular design allows for a wide range of flow rates.
  • Site glass for each individual element enhances maintainability.
  • Preliminary testing for protein content indicates potential for downstream salable product.

Rendering Plant > EQ tank solids collection, reduced load on wastewater treatment!

ALSI Technology
Palin® Consolidator

  • Flotation Technology.
  • Maximize concentration and value of protein/fat product stream.
  • Reduction of solids loading to wastewater treatment.
  • Patent applied for.

Proven Test Results

  • Floating AutoWeir can skim the EQ surface sludge.
  • Palin® Consolidator can float and concentrate it for removal by the integral scraper with no added chemicals.