Recirculation tanks or pits are integral to every centralized paint sludge collection and separation system. The recirculation tank design is critical to the removal efficiency of the overall sludge system. It supports the performance of the suspension/floatation chemical program in use.

ALSI specializes in the design of recirculation tanks to define the key elements of retention time and liquid hydraulic turnover in each of the recirculation tank zones. Each ALSI recirculation tank consists of a sluiceway transfer flume, energy break zone, floatation zone, and pump well. When concrete pits are utilized as recirculation tanks ALSI provides the design parameters to embed and adapt the zone features to ensure performance.

Environmental compliance is supported by ALSI recommendations for water stops, moisture barriers, and concrete additives to prevent leaching in concrete pits and sluiceways.

ALSI can design, build or retrofit your existing tank for increased efficiency and reduction of costs.

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