The BLT is a completely self-contained enclosure on casters and easily moved by a single person.

The unit is designed and built with rugged industrial and automotive grade components for many years of service.

The unit is designed for standard 110 volt power supply and 25ft. power cord is provided. European and other supply power systems are available.

Our available BLT models can deliver up to 500 CFM (969 m3/hr) into the vehicle at a specific pressure range, measuring inches of water column. Flow accuracy is ± 2% of full scale, dependent on application.

A 15’ x 6” diameter hose is furnished with quick connect fittings. The vehicle window template or other vehicle interface is by the End User. The DDC controller allows the input of desired pressure (0-1.0” wc). The system operation is automatic. The on board VFD slowly ramps the fan until vehicle pressure reaches the desired set point. Indication lights acknowledge set point achievement or a fault condition for excessive flow.

ModelFeaturesVoltage Available
BLT 2.0Standard flow110/220v/1ph/50/60 Hz
BLT 2.0 PVPressure and vacuum test; Standard flow110/220v/1ph/50/60 Hz
BLT 2.0 HFHigh flow220/380/440v/3ph/50/60 Hz
BLT 2.0 HFPVPressure and vacuum test; High Flow220/380/440v/3ph/50/60 Hz

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