Engineering advantages for liquid filtration, paint sludge removal, reverse osmosis, water test and purification, and compressed air drying and filtration.

Focused on our performance to improve yours

Beginning in 2002, Air and Liquid Systems was founded to serve the paint finishing industry with top-quality, high-efficiency separation and filtration equipment. Since then, our innovative products and personal service have allowed us to expand to a wide variety of industries utilizing breakthrough air and liquid filtration systems. In addition to pretreatment filtrations systems, paint sludge removal equipment and water purification systems for the paint finishing industry, we also supply industrial water purification systems, custom heating and cooling equipment, odor control systems, water test booths, automotive body leak testers, and many more. Air and Liquid Systems, Inc is comprised of a versatile network of cooperative companies providing robust solutions under common guiding principles: quality, innovation and trusted service. While our mission is to manufacture the best equipment and systems, we understand that the end result of our efforts is to improve your process performance, and we customize our services to give you optimal solutions to any challenge.

Designing innovative solutions

ALSI is a manufacturer with complete in-house design, mechanical, electrical, controls and fabrication capabilities. Our experienced engineers utilize extensive process knowledge to fully understand your product challenges and design an efficient, cost-saving solution that addresses your corporate initiatives. Our product development process includes complete design, design assistance, and customization at every level to fulfill your needs. Our engineers, project managers and support staff work closely together and with you at every step to ensure your product meets your specifications and exceeds your expectations.

We understand the need to get running fast and eliminate down-time. To get started, we provide installation support and training to seamlessly integrate your new equipment. Our designs feature intuitive controls and durable, reliable equipment requiring minimum attention once installed. To keep your systems running smoothly, we provide clear instruction manuals and give you access to knowledgeable service support at any time, on-site or via telephone.

A proven and trusted partner

Our customers return again and again for our innovative technology, problem-solving approach and superior service. Our cost-saving applications and exceptional after-sales support has made us the “go to guys” for many customers. This customer confidence allows ALSI to offer a product mix that can be tailored as a package to fit your product line. We have designed new products to meet the exact specifications of manufacturers, mechanical contractors and system integrators.

ALSI is proud of our many patented products, as well as our ongoing, forward-thinking innovation. We are continually focused on solving customer challenges and engineering sustainable, efficient, cost-effective solutions that meet your deadlines, budget and goals. We stand by all of our products and we are dedicated to providing you with stable long-term service and support.