ALSI Oil Water Separators Series LLS use liquid to liquid hydrocyclones to achieve superior removal of oil entrainment common in metal cleaning systems. System helps reduce frequent dumping of costly wash stage cleaners and chemicals.

  • Efficiently removes oil from water based dip tanks with included floating weirs
  • Includes stilling decant tank for oil floatation
  • Self -contained, skid mounted design
  • Includes pump and pump strainer

The de-oiling liquid to liquid hydrocyclone is an excellent device for oil removal based upon its enhanced gravitational separation and free vortex action.

The Series LLS is completely self contained modular system to maximize oil removal concentration and minimize process solution includes the following items:

  • Specific pump that is compatible with your process solution
  • Liquid to liquid hydrocyclone module
  • Floating weir to provide effective surface skimming action
  • Decant tank to further concentrate contaminated oil for disposal

System requires minimum maintenance and is designed for easy operation. System self adjusts to different liquid levels often found when process is shut down at the end of the day.

ALSI also offers traditional oil/water separators with media packs for virtually any process solution.

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