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ALSI Testimonial

ALSI U-Band FilterThe ALSI U-Band filter utilizes a simple and easy-to-maintain design that filters media using minimal moving parts and automatic functionality. The durable, resilient structure accommodates a wide array of applications, including caustic, alkaline, synthetic and wastewater liquids, with customization available to meet the specific needs of the process or materials. The U-Band Filter minimizes maintenance, prevents filtrate bypass and optimizes filtration through a tightly sealed, self-contained system. The filter uses forces of gravity in a specialized inlet feed system to bring contaminated fluid through the filter media. Flight scrapers continuously remove solids from the filter bed as liquid levels rise in the chamber. Pre-set parameters determine system filtration and control operation according to the filtration requirements. The cleaned liquids pass through the system and the spent media and solids are discharged into a receptacle to be easily rewound and disposed of.

Optimal Efficiency

  • Automatic self-indexing operation
  • Automatic seal pressure definition
  • Requires minimal operator intervention
  • Custom designed to meets the demands of any material

Durable Construction

  • Accommodates acidic, alkaline, synthetic and other chemicals
  • Minimal moving parts
  • Open, easy to maintain construction
  • Easy access to drive system

Reduces Waste

  • ALSI MicroSheer Media easily removes filter sludge cake
  • Compact plastic core minimizes storage space
  • Reduces telescoping when rewinding  

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