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ALSI Testimonial

Edit ALSI PortableBody Leak TestThe ALSI Portable Body Leak Test Unit gives the user complete control over the testing parameters from one self-contained, durable and mobile unit. The complete enclosure may be easily moved and operated by a single person, giving you increased versatility throughout the plant without the need for extra manpower. Built from industrial and automotive grade components and contained in one compact, portable unit, the unit is built to provide years of high-functionality and mobility in the toughest conditions. The ALSI Body Leak Test Unit facilitates standard and custom systems tests through a single, efficient machine designated through the DDC controller. The pressure blower delivers between 15-370 CFM (25-500 M3/HR), with desired pressure inputs entered into the controller. The on-board FD drives the fan to the set pressure limit and internal controls monitor flow levels in the test. Indication lights on the display show when the set points have been reached or a fault condition for excessive flow.


  • Light-weight and movable across the plant floor
  • 15’ power cord
  • Automatic system operation


  • Delivers up to 370 CFM (500 M3/HR)
  • Durable, self-contained construction
  • 110 volt power supply or custom power supply

Easy To Use

  • DDC controller inputs pressure parameters
  • On-board FD controls fan
  • 15’ x 6” diameter quick-connect hose fitting  

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