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ALSI Testimonial

The ALSI Micro Aeration Sludge Consolidation (MASCON) aids sludge floatation characteristics by the addition of a controlled amount of entrained air into the pump inlet. Our Patent Pending design increases sludge removal efficiency while ensuring your supply is not damaged.

Many chemical programs simply add compressed air to the supply pump inlet. This can cause cavitation and premature pump failure. Its effectiveness is limited and causes unreliable results and equipment failure.

The MASCON System was developed by ALSI to increase paint sludge floatation in our Palin Consolidators systems. It has proven to be extremely effective in removing significantly more sludge from the booth water. The return water to the booth is now even cleaner, increasing scrubber efficiency and reducing overall booth operational costs.

The MASCON System can be easily retrofitted to any existing Palin Consolidator. Contact ALSI for a complete review of your system.

ALSI Patent Pending technology precisely controls the air bubble size to assist floatation of the sludge. When space is at a premium, the Palin Consolidator and MASCON System makes an unbeatable combination.

Please contact us to discuss your sludge removal and dewatering application to see how we may assist. Our systems approach and process knowledge leads us to offer you the best solution.

Click here for ALSI Literature on Micro Aeration Sludge Consolidation (MASCON).

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