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ALSI Testimonial

Since 2002, ALSI has provided liquid filtration, paint booth air handling, heater boxes/ovens, and recently CO2 cleaning systems for painting and pretreatment cleaning operations. We have extensive experience in designing existing system retrofits to improve quality and yield. Our team brings unparalleled capabilities to meet the challenges of your paint, coating, or cleaning process. We understand that the key to success is “system,” and ALSI is unique in the industry for our ability to bring together the comprehensive list of components necessary for the best system design. In addition to the expertise our team brings to each project, we offer after-sale support that is second to none. Our system solutions include:

Paint system engineering studies to increase product yield

Air balance analysis to reduce airhouse filter change-outs to lower operating costs

Energy study for paint shop optimization for short payback periods, such as existing abatement equipment

Design/Build services for new paint lines, paint line retrofits, and spray booth conversions from 100% fresh air to recirculating systems

Best in class sludge and water management systems for wet scrubber paint lines

Liquid Filtration Systems

Our self-cleaning liquid filtration systems are designed for pretreatment alkaline cleaner and phosphate stages. We offer standard and custom equipment selection that can save maintenance time by eliminating manual filter replacements. Our liquid filtration systems include:

Pretreatment Filtration

  • Pressure filters, filter presses, and vacuum filters for phosphate stage sludge removal
  • Hydrocyclone concentrators with automatic dewatering filter for phosphate sludge removal
  • Gravity media filters for cleaner stage filtration
  • Hydrocyclones for weld ball and dirt removal from cleaner stages
  • Oil separators for cleaner stages
  • Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems for rinse stages


paintsludgePaint Sludge Removal

  • Auto weirs for effective paint sludge collection from individual paint booths or central pits
  • Paint sludge consolidators for effective sludge removal from water
  • Paint sludge dewatering filters and dewatering bags

Air Systems

The ALSI design team can perform retrofit engineering studies to increase yield, reduce water spots and decrease airhouse filter change-outs. Our Air System offerings include:

  • Custom paint curing ovens
  • Process heater boxes for ovens, direct and indirect
  • Custom air handling units for temperature/humidity control
  • CO2 cleaning systems for plastic parts

Paint Booth Services

We are leaders in paint booth upgrades and retrofits. Our extensive experience is unparalleled in the industry. An initial phone conversation will help us better understand where your pain point is and how we may be able to help.

  • Reduce excessive filter change-outs
  • Increase yield and reduce waste
  • Reduce water spots and cleaning with CO2 cleaning
  • Effectively retrofit scrubber sections

Custom CO2 Cleaning Systems

ALSI CO2 Cleaning Systems streamline the parts cleaning process. ASLI customizes our CO2 cleaning system to meet your process cycle times and cleanliness requirements. CO2 Cleaning Systems clear away dirt and dust without using water or chemical detergents. ALSI customizes the size, configuration, CO2 volume, and other specifications to optimize the efficiency and reliability of your system. ALSI CO2 Systems clean products for surface coating without creating waste materials.
The advantages of our CO2 Cleaning System include:

  • Saves floor space by replacing washing and drying stations
  • Reduces costs by eliminating the need for chemical detergents and wastewater handling
  • Improves quality with consistent, uniform cleaning that eliminates water spotting and reworking
  • Increases efficiency by customizing and retrofitting to fit your needs

Design Assistance

We provide all the services you need to ensure a successful project from start to finish:

  • Onsite system evaluation and report
  • Process water and air system flow review
  • Detailed CAD system installation drawings specific to your site
  • Installation and startup support

Click here for ALSI Literature on Paint Finishing and Pretreatment Solutions.

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