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ALSI Testimonial

dual066sideviewPaint Sludge Removal Systems; ALSI Paint Sludge Removal Systems offer cost effective, continuous paint sludge collection, consolidation and dewatering. System designed for minimum operatorn intervention. Our designs are compatible with all suspension/flotation chemical programs.

Reverse Osmosis Systems; ALSI Water Treatment Systems include reverse osmosis systems and all related support equipment for paint finishing, industrial and lab water applications.

Industrial Fans; ALSI offers centrifugal/axial fans and blow off systems for all industrial applications. Custom applications include road speed modulated fans, engine cooling fans and test cell ventilation.

Water Test Booths; ALSI offer complete systems including spray manifolds, pump skids, water treatment and blow offs. Available for cars, buses and any other products.

Liquid Filtration Equipment; ALSI offers automatic self cleaning filtration equipment designed for water and other process liquid applications. Non-media systems available to meet corporate and municipality requirments.

Compressed Air Drying Equipment; ALSI offers desiccant compressed air dryers and filters. Services include airflow measurement, air quality testing and maintenance of any desiccant dryer

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