The Palin® Paint Sludge Consolidator employs our patented vertical separation design. The system is designed to remove detackified paint sludge from down or side draft wet spray booths as well as central reservoir systems. Although the Palin® system replaces conventional filters, no filter media is actually used, thus effectively reducing operating costs.

  • Can be used on individual booths or central sludge systems
  • Reduces operating costs of many chemistry programs
  • Reduces downtime due to system interruptions
  • Increased efficiency over centrifugal style removal equipment
  • Custom sizes available to meet most footprint requirements
  • Low utility consumption
  • Optional MASCon System introduces micro aeration to improve floatation of paint solids within the Palin®

ALSI design objectives are to maximize scrubber efficiency, reduce disposal costs and minimize booth downtime for cleaning.

Click here for ALSI Literature on Palin® Consolidators.

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