Palin webimageThe ALSI/Palin® Paint Sludge Removal Systems offer the most effective paint sludge removal process compatible with all suspension/floatation chemical programs. Our systems are well proven with installation sites in operation since the 1980’s. Our track record includes 100’s of installations of all sizes and complexities.

  • Can be used on individual booths or central sludge systems
  • Reduces operating costs of many chemistry programs
  • Reduces downtime due to system interruptions
  • Increased removal efficiency over centrifugal style removal equipment
  • Custom sizes available to meet most footprint requirements
  • Low utility consumption
  • Optional MASCon™ introduces micro aeration to improve floatation of paint solids within Palin®

From central systems to modular stand alone booths, our high performance sludge removal processing equipment are suitable for any wet booth design. Paint booth recirculation water is kept clean.

ALSI design objectives are to maximize scrubber efficiency, reduce disposal costs and minimize booth downtime for cleaning. The efficiency of the ALSI/Palin® Consolidator of up to 85% allows a side stream treatment from either individual booths or a central collection pit.

The ALSI CheckMark® Filter is used to dewater the paint sludge from the ALSI Palin® Consolidator. Paint sludge dryness of 60% by weight has been commonly achieved.

ALSI can provide complete engineering support including piping layout, pit design and/or modifications and field installation supervision.

System design and equipment include the following items:

  • Hydraulics review of pit and/or booth
  • Rouging screen to remove large debris
  • MASCon™ aeration pump
  • AutoWeir to maximize tank/pit efficiency and minimize consolidator size
  • ALSI/Palin® Consolidator assists chemical floatation program
  • Dewatering bags or CheckMark® to minimize sludge volume and increase sludge dryness

Click here for ALSI Literature on Palin® Consolidators.

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