ALSI manufacturers several different styles of sludge dewatering dryers

Gravity dryers are designed for high liquid volumes with low to moderate solids loading.

Vacuum dryers uses either a single or dual centrifugal vacuum producer to evacuate the air beneath the media to generate a pressure differential. This vacuum assists the liquid through the media.

Hybrid Heat of Compression Dryer provides exceptional sludge drying. Solids dewatering of 70% by weight have been achieved with NO external heat sources.

Recessed plate filter presses provide highly efficient solids removal from liquids.

Band Filters provide a highly economical solution to solids removal from low to moderate flow rates.

  • Carts on casters for easy mobility
  • Removable top bag holder for handling bags
  • Can be designed to gravity drain or pump back into Palin® overflow
  • Dewatering bag stations available for allow longer drying intervals

Pressure filter are engineered to function with few moving parts. Automatic operation makes this a great choice for bag filter replacement.

Hydrocyclones offer exceptional solids removal while eliminating need for media disposal.

Click here for ALSI Literature on Sludge Dewatering Dryers.

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