autoweirThe patented ALSI AutoWeir is designed to maximize the skimming of floating solids in a sludge tank or pit. The innovative design automatically adjusts based on the liquid level of the tank or pit and serves as the pump suction point.

As the liquid inside the weir box is drawn down, the float door lowers allowing skimming of the floatation zone liquid surface thereby increasing the efficiency of the downstream collection equipment.

Four different styles of AutoWeirs are offered; stationary, manually adjustable, automatic, and floating.

  • Stationary weirs range +/- 1” to the tank water level
  • Manually adjustable weirs range +/- 7” to the tank water level
  • Automatic weirs range +/- 7” to the tank water level based upon level controller feedback
  • Floating weirs have a wide water level range with a minimum liquid level requirement of 38”

AutoWeirs are the most efficient way to pull floating solids from a system.

Click here for ALSI Literature on AutoWeirs.

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